Sunday, August 24, 2008

Review: Call of Duty 9: Back to Basics

There are two main problems with this game.
  1. It's set in WWI. Seriously, why set a game in a time when weapons are so frustrating to use?
  2. It's made by Treyarch. Infinity Ward, haven't you realised that after the massive flops of three and five that you're the only ones good at making these. Hell, it must be bad for your sales, or something. After 3 pretty much put me of 4, and 5 scared me away from 6, I'm glad I persisted. But I barely did.
First off, the online is balls. Absolute shit. A laggy nightmare compared to Infinity Ward's games. The single player is a far cry from the epic set of amazing effects and gameplay coming from the other games. It's just derivative. Shoot enemies, shoot enemies, rescue a hostage(!), shoot enemies. That's it. And unlike II, WWI didn't really have any clear baddies, so you're left questioning the ethics of your actions. But not in a good, MGS way. Plus the PC version has lockon on all difficulty levels, so points off for that. Oh wait, I can't give negative points.


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