Friday, August 22, 2008

Review: Metal Gear Solid 6: Liquid Earth

Blah. The easiest way to describe this game. Or maybe meh. Anyway, despite Guns of the Patriots being Snake's last adventure, Kojima and Konami have used a little loophole to milk the series a little more. Disappointingly, just like in 5, and 2, you play as Raiden. He was okay in Sons of Liberty, where Kojima apparently wanted you to see comparatively macho Snake from a third-person perspective. But without a Big Boss clone to protect him, Raiden is just a cock. Spending every second cutscene whining about how scared he is or some shit about his girlfriend, you'll really wish Snake was still around. Even worse, the game has decided to focus on the 'Action' portion of 'Tactical Espionage Action'. This would be okay if the control system had been changed for this. It hasn't. Holding R1 to move into first-person in what is now essentially a first-person shooter gets really old, really quickly. The story is still brilliant, even if most of the twists happened during the first four games and there isn't really much left untold to be revealed here. Here's an idea, Konami: create another prequel, set before Snake Eater. It chronologically wouldn't be a new game for Snake, and therefor you could still have kept your promise. And my attention. Liquid Earth isn't bad, it's just shit compared to the first few games. A seven out of ten, I guess.


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